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ACR 8 Intelligent

ACR 8 Intelligent

High-quality stainless steel construction, interior and exterior


  • 8 meat fork or V-spit positions, 7 basket or rack positions
  • Rotor for up to 40 chickens (1,2 kg) per batch
  • High output: cooking time of 60 minutes*
  • Max output in 6 hours: 360/60 x 40 = 240**
  • 250 programs with up to 9 steps
  • USB connection for easy transfer of data and programs
  • High-speed convection for even cooking and uniform browning
  • Fitted with LED lighting

  • Limited water consumption during the cleaning process
  • No hot water supply needed
  • Striking cooking theatre due to large glass surface and brilliant lighting
  • Solid back as standard
  • Two step safety door handle
  • Safety stop when opening the door
  • Cool double glass doors, safe to touch

* Based on 1,0 kg. Cooking times may vary according to size, marinade, stuffing etc.
** Indication; does not include loading / unloading time

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ACR 8 Intelligent
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