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  • Oven Capacity:
    • 40 3# chickens
    • 10 standard 18″ x 26″ pans
    • 5 12″ x 20″ x 2.5″ steam pans
  • Programmable touch-screen controls with USB port.
  • Loading door with heavy-duty, hold-open hinges and patent-pending latch system provide a tight seal while minimizing operator effort to load or unload the oven.
  • Large window with two panes for easy viewing. In a patent-pending design, the interior pane is fixed to provide additional door rigidity while the exterior window opens easily for cleaning between the panes.
  • Rotating interior oven rack provides even cooking results.
  • 95,000 BTU/Hr in-shot burner system.
  • Single point cold water connection.
  • Patented, self-contained steam system with patent-pending improvements generate more steam than a standard mini-rack oven.
  • Patent-pending automated wash system reduces the need for daily manual cleaning of the oven.
    • Heavy cleaning cycle only takes two hours and uses 24 gallons of water.
    • A 30 minutes short wash cycle takes care of any mid-day needs without shutting down afternoon production.
    • No contact liquid soap dispensing system with out of chemical detection.
  • Patent-pending grease separation system utilizes gravity and a valve rather than a pump; reducing maintenance issues and water in the grease.
  • Oven stand with locking casters and storage space for pans or tools.
  • Grease collection & transit caddy.
    • 2 – 5-gallon grease containers; plenty of room for a typical day’s use.
    • The convenient transit caddy includes viewing windows to monitor grease levels inside and a retractable handle that stows out of the way when not in use.

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