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CLeN Base Dishwasher

CLeN Base Dishwasher

The most efficient use of energy, water, labor and floor space of any conveyor dishwasher in the industry.

The conveyor dishwasher of the future is here and because it’s a Hobart, it’s built to last for years. The CLeN Dishwasher is so efficient, it can clean up to 8,550 dishes an hour using 50 percent less rinse water and energy, in less space, than comparable models. Opti-Rinse™ is only the beginning of the new and innovative technology you’ll find in the CLeN Dishwasher. From the Power Scrapper to the patent-pending thermal layered curtains, the CLeN features the most advanced technology in dishwashing today. Plus, its energy and water efficiency makes it ENERGY STAR® certified. Explore in 3D Want to visualize the CLeN in your kitchen? Download the app to work offline, or explore its features below to launch a 3D experience.



Save up to $9,192 a year in reduced rinse water, energy and sewage bills.

Resource and energy conserving features are built in to the CLeN for automatic savings. The deep-tank design requires fewer refills, saving water and detergent. After the rack exits the machine, an auto-timer automatically shuts off pumps and the conveyor. And, every CLeN Dishwasher features an exclusive Energy Saver mode that can be set to automatically shut off the entire dish machine after one-to-six hours of inactivity.


Wondering how the CLeN dishwasher is performing? Glance at the digital display to verify the machine status and temperatures.

The CLeN’s conveniently located, top-mounted, NAFEM Data Protocol compliant controls can be programmed to notify the operator when it is time to delime the machine or to take necessary action if low temperatures or dirty tank water is detected. And the auto-fill feature simplifies operation while ensuring optimum tank water levels.




The CLeN’s self-draining stainless steel pump and impeller provide trouble-free, longer life while preventing the buildup of bacteria-laden water in the pump. An integrated pump intake screen also keeps debris out of the pump to reduce downtime.


Opti-Rinse nozzles are made of KYNAR® resin to resist corrosion, chemicals, clogging and heat. The CLeN provides low-water sensors in the wash and power-rinse tanks to protect heating elements.


The exclusive, Rapid Return™ drive system delivers a more consistent and even motion of the racks through the dishwasher, improving the wash and rinse results.


Hobart’s Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) wash manifold design increases wash performance by up to 5 percent over conventional models.

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