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Edge Series Slicers

Edge Series Slicers

Get the Edge you need.

The Hobart Edge Series Slicer is efficient, economical and easy to clean. In so many ways, it can give you and your operators the edge you need to keep customers coming back for more. With the added protective features, you'll feel good about having it in the back of the store too. The Edge Series Slicers packs medium-duty slicing, an average of 4 hours or less per day, into an economical package:
  • Large product tray and slide rod for feeding larger loaves
  • 1/2 H.P. motor to slice cheese and meat with no shredding
  • Wide carriage span, delivering a smoother glide
  • Rear-mounted, removable meat grip for easy cleaning
  • Removable ceramic sharpening stone to let you sharpen and hone in 15 seconds, and clean up just as quickly
  • Sanitary, anodized aluminum base to help protect against bacteria growth



Our customers asked for a stronger motor. We delivered. Our customers said that slicing larger products would be nice. We delivered.

With the industry leading 1/2 H.P. motor, this slicer can tackle any tough meat or cheese slicing tasks you throw at it without any shredding. The poly V-belt drive system is designed for quiet operation and is more economical to service and repair with reduced parts and service time.


Whether you are a deli or restaurant, the Edge Series slicers are there to support your day-to-day operations.

The Edge Series is a powerful slicer that can handle nearly any slicing task you throw its way. This slicer has an average run time of 4 or less hours per day, which is practical for most deli or kitchen environments.



1/2 H.P. MOTOR

The 1/2-H.P. knife drive motor and poly V-belt drive system combine to provide an enduring system that will deliver optimum results, slicing cheese and meat without shredding.


You can easily remove the carriage for easy cleaning of entire slicer.


If there is a power loss, slicer must be restarted before operation can continue.


Single action to sharpen/hone in just 15 seconds. Sharpener is removable and warewash safe.

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