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FT1000 Flight Type

FT1000 Flight Type

Quality, durability and savings in a flight type dishwasher

Efficient. Reliable. Innovative. Enter the Hobart FT1000 Flight Type Dish Machine: the first washer of its kind, built with the performance and quality standards customers have come to expect from Hobart. Designed for the lowest total cost of ownership and improved care and operation across all six elements of warewashing performance—cleaning, life cycle, chemicals, soil management, labor and utilities. With patent-pending technology, the FT1000 boasts up to $26,000 in annual savings over previous Hobart flight type models.



Innovative features for continued savings and high-quality warewashing performance

The FT1000 Flight Type Dish Machine provides the lowest total cost of ownership of a flight-type in the industry. At 58 gallons of rinse water per hour, the FT1000 saves you money while conserving natural resources.


A flight type dish machine designed to extend the life of your machine

With components such as advanced troubleshooting and diagnostics, automatic deliming of the booster, improved wash arms without end caps and no external vent to chase, the FT1000 is built to last through the most challenging conditions.

Model Comparison

FT1000 BaseFT1000 Energy RecoveryFT1000 Advansys BD
Rinse rate, gal/hr585858
Dishes per hour10,611 - 14,31610,611 - 14,31610,611 - 14,316
Dual Rinse
Blower dryer• (optional)
Auto clean
Auto delime
Automatic soil removal
Energy Recovery
Yearly savings$13,044$21,974$26,407

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