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TS Series Full Size Prep Tables

TS Series Full Size Prep Tables

Introducing the full-size table with all-day performance.


  • Up to 15 hours of NSF 7-Certified temperature performance
  • TempAssure® airflow system surrounds food with a cool blanket of air
  • Holds both high-fat and high-water-content foods equally well
  • Accommodates standard full-, half- or third-size pans without adapter bars
  • Front-breathing design for zero-clearance installation

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Among prep-table operators, the No. 1 complaint has long been prep-table pans won’t stay properly cold enough, long enough. Not anymore. The new TS Series full-size prep tables make 15-hour performance an everyday reality, thanks to the specially designed Traulsen TempAssure® air-channel system.

With TempAssure, a cool blanket of air circulates above and below prep-table pans, extending over the food surface and down the entire length of the rail and into the bottom cabinet. The constant cool temperature means your food remains consistently fresh, whether your pan is filled to the top with lettuce or you’re reaching for that last slice of cheese at the bottom.

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TS Series Full Size Prep Tables
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