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Stainless Steel Exterior & Interior


  • INTELA-TRAUL® Microprocessor Control System
  • High Capacity Refrigeration System, Rapidly Circulates 31-34 Degree F Cold Air For Enhanced Storage and/or Maximum Product Cooling
  • Front Breathing Design Allows For “Zero-Clearance” Installation
  • Non-Electric Condensate Evaporator
  • Condenser Filter Facilitates Condenser Coil Cleaning
  • Controllable Anti-Condensate Door Perimeter Heaters
  • Stainless Steel Guard Protects Door Gasket
  • Self-Closing Door With Stay Open Feature
  • Standard Door Hinging: Right (field reversible)
  • Two Wire Shelves (factory installed)
  • Magnetic Snap-In Door Gaskets

  • Gasket Protecting Stainless Steel Door Liner
  • Energy Saving Hot-Gas Evaporator Defrost
  • Thermostatic Expansion Valve Metering Device
  • Side, Front & Rear Access Panels for Ease of Service and Maintenance
  • Left-Hand Refrigeration System Location
  • 9′ Cord & Plug Attached
  • 6″ High Legs On Adjustable Channel System Provides For Easy Installation
  • One Year Parts And Labor Warranty
  • Two Year Control Warranty (parts and labor)
  • Five Year Compressor Warranty

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