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Wrapping Equipment Accessories

Wrapping Equipment Accessories

The Essentials You Need.

Hobart has an assortment of accessories to improve the productivity of your wrapping stations.

Sealer Belt
With a heavy-duty stainless steel frame and 12-inch wide durable belt, Hobart’s power sealer belt is built for ultimate production, working at a speed of 330 inches per minute.

Rotary Bin
Increase efficiency with a Hobart rotary bin to hold wrapped product safely. With an adjustable height and a self-lubricating bearing, it’s easy to store your products. The aluminum tub and stainless steel frame make it easy to clean and wipe down as well.

Roller/Discharge Table
Automatically wrap your products straight from your rotary bin. Hobart roller/discharge tables come in four different models with adjustable sizes, and with single- and double-tier dispenser labels.

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Wrapping System Accessories
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